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Davos Rave Classics Live Free Download

Davos Rave Classics Live Free Download

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Davos Rave Classics Piano Set Live Free Download - 

A mashup of rave classics from the golden era of dance music 1987-1993 with a couple of old disco bits and the like for good measure, recorded live at Davos's home.


NICOLE 'Rock The House' 1988

CRYSTAL WATERS 'Gypsy Woman' 1991

SHADES OF RHYTHM 'Everybody' 1991

RALPHI ROSARIO 'An Instrumental Need' 1992

SOFT HOUSE COMPANY 'What You Need' 1990

MONICA DELUXE 'Move to the Music' 1991

49ERS 'Move Your Feet' 1992

ASHA 'JJ Tribute' 1990

SMALLAGE 'Together' 1990

PKA 'Temperature Rising' 1991

PACO 'Pakito Lindo' 1990

FPI PROJECT 'Rich in Paradise / Back To My Roots' 1990

FREESTYLE ORCHESTRA 'Gotta Keep on Pumpin It Up' 1990

T-COY 'Cariño' 1987


ORANGE LEMON 'Dreams of Santa Anna' 1988

XPANSIONS 'Elevation' 1990

SWEET EXORCIST 'Test One' 1990

INNER CITY 'Pennies From Heaven' 1992

FIRST CHOICE 'Let No Man Put Asunder' 1983

JACKSON SISTERS 'I Believe in Miracles'

1973 BIZARRE INC 'Playing With Knives' 1991

KID N PLAY '2 Hype' 1988


FRANKIE BONES & LENNY DEE 'As Long As I Got You' 1989

DONNA SUMMER 'I Feel Love' 1977

PSYCHOTROPIC 'Hypnosis' 1990

NEON 'Don't Mess With This Beat' 1990 

2 BAD MICE 'Bombscare' 1994

JIMI POLO 'Better Day' 1989

FALLOUT 'The Morning After' 1987

AWESOME 3 'Don't Go' 1992

ESTER B 'Pleasure of the Music' 1989

4 FOR MONEY 'It's a Moment in Time' 1990

VOID 'No Stoppin' 1992

STERLING VOID 'Runaway Girl' 1988

TOM SALTA 'The New Generation' 1990

ELECTRIC CHOC 'Shock The Beat' 1992

FAST EDDIE 'Can U Dance' 1989

FPI PROJECT 'Everybody' 1990

IN DEEP 'Last Night A DJ Saved My LIfe' 1982

N'JOI 'Anthem' 1990

GEORGE KRANTZ 'Din Daa Daa' 1983

DSK 'What Would We Do' 1992

HYPER GO GO 'High' 1992

TRUE FAITH 'Take Me Away' 1991

RATPACK 'Searchin For My Rizla' 1992

BIZARRE INC 'I'm Gonna Get You Baby' 1992

RARE PLEASURE 'Let Me Down Easy' 1976

DAVID MORALES 'Needin U' 1998

BASSHEADS 'Is There Anybody Out There' 1991

AFRIKA BAMBAATA 'Just Get Up and Dance' 1991

MARSHALL JEFFERSON 'The House Music Anthem' 1986

CE CE ROGERS 'Someday' 1989

CHUCK ROBERTS 'In the Beginning' 1986

RHYTHIM IS RHYTHIM 'Strings of Life' 1987

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